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Jul 17, 2011 6:00pm PDT
-breaking developments. moving to motown: dean reynolds takes us to a detroit neighborhood reversing years of decline that's attracting young people. and top of the world: women's soccer has a new champion tonight. we recap the showdown between the u.s. and japan. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: good evening. it is relentless, dangerous, and gripping the country. a major heat wave this weekend has prompted officials in 17 states to issue heat warnings and advisories. take a look at the temperature map of the nation today. you'll find several large areas of 90s, and a patch that saw highs above 100 degrees. two hot weather-related deaths have been reported, and forecasters say the high heat is expected to spread over the next few days. cynthia bowers begins our coverage. >> advisory remains in effect through this evening for areas along interstate 35. >> reporter: it's been so hot for so long in oklahoma the governor called for a statewide day of prayer in hope of some divine intervention. for 47 straight days, temperatures in oklahoma city h
Jul 29, 2011 12:35am EDT
of self evident that too much is not a good thing. tavis: you were born in detroit. i am curious as to what you make of the fact that you are birthplace is going through -- >> i think about it a lot. first of all, there is no baseball team. my dad had one year of college and he came out here, took a big risk. he is a self-made man, or was. my dad has passed away. but we got in a car, my vote -- my older brother and i, and picked up stakes and came down here and he did not make a deal in the real estate business for two years. but then my younger brother and sister were born. my mama was from a family of 11. we would go back every summer in the family car. tavis: california to detroit, every summer? >> we are sleeping on the floor and arguing who gets to sleep on the floor and who gets the hump in the middle. tavis: i have nine brothers and sisters, and we had a station wagon. used to run to the car to avoid sitting on the hope. >> we argued, and i was the younger of the two. my younger brother and sister were babies. there was no air conditioning, and with diaper changing and all
FOX News
Jul 16, 2011 8:00am PDT
. detroit, forbes has a great profile of detroit in the recent issue of the magazine and show how detroit is coming around thanks to federal funds . they are using hud funds to bull doze houses in areas that are falling apart. do they need somebody from washington to tell them how to do that . >> apparently yes. it took them years. >> no, business leaders and entrepreneurs are getting excited about it. >> hold on a second. >> let me move on to mark. mark, one thing we learned that local officials can deal with their own communities better than the other folks. >> i think local officials can help but here they need outside help and i think it is prudent. we always talk about how great the private sector and business is on this channel. but what did business do? they deserted detroit and cleveland and all of the midwest cities . detroit, a third of the property is vacant there and 50 percent unemployment and business sector deserted detroit and it is not going to do. you want to burn it down. >> have the federal government take it over? >> i think they ought to get involved. the private sec
Jul 28, 2011 4:00am EDT
. >>> today in {detroit, mayor dave bing announced he was putting this most american of cities through the urban equivalent of triage. three designations based on how likely they are to survive. if the city thinks yours is a steady neighborhood, you'll get the most city services like help cleaning up the streets and if you're in a place they decide is transitional, you'll get less. and if you're in a disstressed neighborhood, you'll get fire and police services and garage pickup and also more demolitions. detroit is in, no joke, trouble. this calls them feral houses. the city lost a quarter of its population over the last decade, 200,000 people who got up and left and are most certainly not coming back. detroit has lost a million people since 1950. this is a real american city, the motor city, really shrinking. but detroit is also really refusing to quit. this is a city with its own baseline. remember this super bowl commercial for chrysler from em emnen? of course you do. even before hurricane katrina, new orleans had begun to lose new orleans. many of the neighborhoods, like the lowe
Comedy Central
Jul 27, 2011 11:00pm PDT
prequel. >> yes, yes, i'm filming it right now in detroit. >> jon: what? [laughter and applause] that's awesome. >> yes, detroit. >> jon: about time somebody followed the yellow brick road. i knew the yellow brick road led somewhere near detroit. i just wasn't sure. that's nice, though, because that's a city... as mump as los angeles needs the film business, i would like to see detroit get other industries like the film business. that's a great thing for them. is that going on right now? >> yeah, sam rami who is directing it is from detroit. he's gone back the his home city. >> jon: that's great. what film have you told detroiters you're filming to avoid insurance issues? have you had a chance to catch a game yet, a tigers' game? >> i have no idea what you're talking about. [applause] >> do you think i'm joking? i'm not. >> jon: the tigers are team of cricketers. it's an american pastime, but baseball... >> i'm a citizen. >> jon: is that true? >> yep. >> jon: and you didn't have to answer any baseball questions? >> no. jon jon what do they want foreigners to know when they become a ci
Jul 7, 2011 12:00am PDT
i went, this was in detroit. very nice, older black woman. she had been through a lot. told me her story. we were talking. we filled out a questionnaire. she said baby, you don't strike me as somebody who is angry. i said i think there's been a mix up with the sentencing from the judge. rather than anger management, think it should be aa. i definitely have a drinking problem. i don't know about anger but when i drink it's when the problems occur. >> are you only violent when you have been drinking? >> that's the stupid stuff, the fights and different things like that. you know, if it's something i believe in, if i'm standing up for a family member or somebody that can't defend themselves over something that is plain wrong -- >> you are sober now, right? >> what would it take for me to push you over the edge? you can control it in this environment? >> yeah. >> if you were in a bar -- >> this is a safe environment, by the way. >> i wouldn't go that far. >> the ritz carlton, bright lights and cameras. >> when do you feel it descending? >> i don't know. i guess i'm too self-righteous a
Jul 6, 2011 9:00pm PDT
are they like, those courses? i've always wondered. >> the first time, there was a lady in detroit i went and talked with, very nice older black woman, and she had been through a lot, told me her story, and we were talking and filled out a little questionnaire and she's like, baby, you just don't strike me as somebody who is angry. and i said, well, miss nedra, i think there's been a mix-up with the sentencing from the judge. i said rather than anger management i think i should have been sentenced to aa. i said i definitely have a drinking problem, i don't know about an agnler problem, but whatever the drinking is going on real strong, that seems to be when the problems occur. >> are you only violent when you've been drinking? >> i would say that's been the student stuff, the foigts in waffle houses and, you know, different things like that, but, you know, if it's something i believe in, if i'm, you know, standing up for a family member or somebody that maybe can't defend themselves over something that's just plain wrong, you know, then not. >> you're sober now, right? what would it take
Jul 13, 2011 11:00pm EDT
with a news edge investigation. detroit auto workers caught on camera chugging beer, apparently doing drugs, and then heading back to work on chrysler's assembly line. similar behavior ignited a nation-wide scandal last fall but it didn't end there. our sister station in detroit caught more workers at a different factory doing the same thing. fox's ralph wolfcheck has the story. >> reporter: 11:00 a.m., lunch time at chrysler's engine plant and these guys have been working hard. safety goggles, check, high visibility work vests, check, lighter and pipe, check. but not everyone is smoking at this park just a mile from the plant. this guy is having a healthy lunch of chips and beer. and while this behavior during your break is against chrysler's policy, these guys aren't so reckless as to do it in a public park, no. this is private property, a private lot, and get this, it's maintained by their union, the united auto workers. 10 months ago, i showed you these chrysler workers pounding beers day after day during their lunch break. they work at the jefferson north plant in detroit. i caught the
Jul 29, 2011 5:30pm PDT
street and on main street as well. nbc's ron allen joins me now from detroit with more on that. ron? >> reporter: good evening, lester. so many people we talked to said they are concerned about interest rates rising on home mortgages, on credit cards. worried about their 401(k) plans taking yet another hit. especially here in the midwest, cities like chicago and here in detroit, where they finally are beginning to see some signs of the economy picking back up. the lunch crowd at detroit's 1917 american bistro has been pretty steady lately. a great indicator for owner donald studvent who lost his auto job and started his own business about two years ago. now he sees what is happening in washington as a real threat. >> i opened with two employees. now i have 24 employees. and i want to continue growing. >> the politicians have let partisanship get in the way of solutions. >> reporter: craig shields says what he calls the debacle in d.c. already is hurting his small machine factory in chicago, by driving down the value of the u.s. dollar and making the steel, copper and other materials
Jul 3, 2011 5:00pm PDT
against detroit. the tigers were hoping to avoid a three-game sweep. san francisco took the lead in the fifth with this chopper. the giants committed three errors. nonwere moe costly than this one by tejada. instead of being the third out, his bad throw left the bases loaded. oreordonez came through with a clutch two-rung single. 4-3 tigers. the giants have two men on. aaron rowand lines one to the gap. but raburn makes a great diving catch to end the inning. detroit wins 6-3. >>> here is the national league all-star starting lineup. mccann is the catcher. the brewers have prince fielder, rickie weeks, polanco at third, reyes as short. and braun, berkman and kemp. gio gonzalez is the only thattic -- athletic going. he went seven innings and allow ud win run. oakland broke through against ian kennedy. dejesus puts the team on top with this double. the a's break it open in the sifntle conner jackson, with this one deep to left. later that same inning, sizemore delivers another two-run homer. the a's win. here's the american league all-star lineup. detroit, avia is the catcher. the
Jul 5, 2011 12:00am PDT
industry a great disservice because for the last 20 or 30 years, it became to, detroit to adjust th did bad stuff. one journalist said you were right. the mantra was detroit sucks because it just does. that was the attitude and the imports were being praised. being praised for being smarter and better. their executives were modest and they did not get as much paid. all this, especially the japanese. toyota was placed on the marble pedestal as the best, wisest, most altruistic car company in the world. most of that was just in popular fiction. it is true that some of the magazine's told late frankly if we write something positive about an american car or we say in making this example, a camaro will outperform an equivalent porche, they would get hundreds of cancellation letters of people saying you have sold out to detroit and you are not telling it like it is. to a certain extent the media, there were planning to their audience. tavis: your point about management. what did they do wrong and where did they go wrong? why are the bean counters to blame? >> the bean counters do not just mean fi
Jul 26, 2011 11:00pm EDT
to the midwest. some detroit businessss are offering ash foo workers to move into their downtown. home-buyers will get a 20 thousaad dollar forgivable loan iffthey stay in the city. enters will get almost four rand if they work in detroit for two years. the bad news is that detroit has taking the recession hardest. tte percent.ment rate is 20 - 3 aftte last week, .../ we'll take... the mid 90's. 90's. buu we won't beeout of the extreme heat for long. long. chief meteorologistt vytas reid is timing it all out for you with our skywatch fooecast. 3 "i know he has twoosmall children... so i was just eexressing concern they're good. good." another pcandal. why e still get - to hang out in thh aptiol eveenthough he's been forced to resign. 3& ii's an unbeataale guarantee for anyone who waats to cheat on their spouse. the promiss the affair webiste &pnew clients. a ssogan on a t-shirt puts one park at the center of the gay rights debate. why dollywooo is in trouble for enforcing their own rules. annther sex scandal costs a democrat his job in congress. represee
Jul 26, 2011 6:00pm EDT
have gone to a little southerly wind briefly. only 78 in syracuse right now. 85 in detroit. this is detroit and this is pittsburgh. 91 in charleston, west virginia. temperatures are now warmer the farther west that you go. 101 in dallas. that he will have its way. here is the difference, it is not going to be at the extreme. it will not last at the extreme levels for very long. friday is going to be the most uncomfortable. these are the heat index is right now. this is more reasonable. this is the kind of stuff that will pay us a visit on friday. high-pressure gave us a great day. there are a couple of showers in pennsylvania. by tomorrow, another delightful day. a couple of degrees cooler than today. as we had through thursday and friday, it moves offshore and the winds come back. that is going to push the temperatures and the humidity levels up. 87 at midday, nine degrees tomorrow afternoon. it will be very comfortable. next seven days, heat and humidity ramp up on thursday. 100 degrees on friday. 96 degrees on saturday. isolated thunderstorms over the weekend. increasing
Jul 22, 2011 4:00am PDT
, chicago, detroit and cleveland. thunderstorms from louisville to the gulf coast. showers in florida and northern new england. downpours across colorado and new mexico. >> it'll be 98 in colorado springs and 106 in phoenix. near triple digits in dallas and kansas city and 92 in omaha. boston hits 97, atlanta, 93. and if you're in the mood for some cool weather, and who is not right about now, got to head to the northwest. 70 in peggy's hometown of seattle. 74 in nearby portland. >> that can happen there in the summertime. >> not bad. >>> well, coming up let's talk about a place that is digging out of eight feet of snow. it's the cooldown story. >> i need to go on assignment there. >>> plus, how the heat is hurting food prices. which crops could be impacted next? >>> and california's new gold rush re-opening. long closed mines as gold prices soar. >>> well, chronically out of work americans are not alone. government data to be released in a few days will show that more than one in three job seekers have been looking for work for more than a year. "the wall street journal" reports that
Jul 29, 2011 4:00am EDT
and detroit. also stormy in the northeast from new england down to washington, d.c. and humid with near triple-digit heat in georgia and the carolinas. some heavy downpours in the southwest. >> phoenix hits 105. 90 in salt lake city and 74 in seattle. upper 80s from fargo to detroit. 79 in boston, 85 here in new york and 90s from baltimore to miami and dallas. >>> and coming up next on the show this morning, a republican rising star sent to the hospital. how governor chris christie is coping. >>> tigegewoods makes a big announcement about his future. >>> what if there is a debt default? today the treasury department outlines what will happen at its meeting in new york with 20 of the largest banks which often buy government bonds. bloomberg reports if there is a default, treasury will give priority to making interest payments to bond holders. the u.s. debt crisis is again weighing on asian markets this morning. tokyo's nikkei average lost 68 points today. hong kong's hang seng is down 81. in london the ftse opened higher. on wall street, the dow fell 62 points yesterday. the nasdaq index rose 1
Jul 28, 2011 5:00am EDT
. if you have a light to chicago this morning, call ahead. there could certainly be delays. detroit also looking at storms here this morning. and that will be moving off to the east to new york and pennsylvania, and this afternoon we cannot rule out that some of this will slip into northern maryland overnight or early this evening i should say. overnight, most of the action is north, and then tomorrow afternoon, the daytime heating with temperatures upper 90s to near 100. we could pop thunderstorms in the afternoon, and then we will see what is left with the front as it comes through here on saturday. potentially giving us a storm or two. at least it will knock temperatures down into the low to mid-90s. big storms, and they could use the rain in south texas. this is tropical storm dawn. winds moving to the west, northwest, gusting to 50 miles an hour. west, northwest at 10. watch the forecast track from the hurricane center here. we don't need a hurricane. we will have maybe a strong tropical storm overnight into saturday morning. hitting corpus christi is the latest guest, but it goes n
Jul 12, 2011 12:35am PDT
own this? >> yeah, i got it now. >> jimmy: that's your car? >> oh my gosh. now, is this in detroit? 'cause i know you're a detroit guy. >> um hm. >> audience member: all right, detroit! >> jimmy: yeah, absolutely. you got one person out there. [ laughter ] i love detroit. what a beautiful place. i love it. [ laughter ] i love it. i had the best time. we chat -- i'm serious. the people of detroit are so nice. >> are you telling jokes? >> jimmy: no, i'm not. i'm being serious. [ laughter ] i had the best time. i went out there with -- i shot a movie out there and -- i mean it's so sad what's going on with the economy and everything out there but i had the greatest time, the nicest people. >> there's definitely -- the people there -- there's more style there. you know, just -- when you get some of the characters in a room together down there for like, the motown 50th, which i was a part of, and some other things like that, i mean, there's just nothing that's more colorful, more with style, more -- the people there just know how to dust themselves off when they been kicked down, get ba
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 888 (some duplicates have been removed)